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Benefits of Music in Child Development

Every parent wants their child to be the best at anything they decide to pursue. However, every parent knows that the steps to reach this goal include many “trial and errors” and picking the kids up from soccer practice to bring them to gymnastics. A parent finds themselves under a lot of pressure trying to determine what “niche” their child falls in to. The constant running around and lack of excitement from your child may seem like a waste of time and money. With sports, parents understand the benefits it brings their children: being part of a team, physical activity, a sense of belonginess. But have you ever considered what benefits the arts could bring to your child? Something as simple as picking up a pic of a guitar instead of a baseball bat might be just what your child is looking for all along.

Read below to learn about the endless benefits that music lessons have on the development of a child.

Increases Brain Development

Studies have shown significant differences in the development of the brain in children who play an instrument and those who do not. According to a five-year study conducted by USC neuroscientists, areas of the brain that heighten as a result of music education are sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills. Other aspects of the brain that improve are your child’s math skills. Math and music work hand-in-hand when it comes to beats per measure, rhythm, tempo, and recognizing patterns. As parents, we value the growth of knowledge in our children. Something as simple as a half-hour music lesson a week for your child provides everlasting