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Hosting The Most Recitals Per Year

Our school focuses on the performance skills of musicians as well as the technical part.

We believe it is important for students to experience what it's like playing on a stage in a venue that creates the feeling of being a professional musician. Once a student has experienced their first recital a whole new world of possibility opens up for them and their excitement grows to

grand new levels.

This is why we host at least 3 recitals a year available to every single one of our students. There is no feeling like showing your hard work and talent to all of those who have helped you along the way and received the praise you deserve for it.


What You Can Expect

Leading up to the recital, students will prepare with their teacher to tackle a song on the big stage. They will review the song to perfection and discuss performance techniques and crowd management to help ease their nerves during the show. Weeks before the show date parents will receive a recap of all of their recital information including the performance time, song name and information about the venue. Tickets will go on sale and soon after the day of the show comes!

Students will be divided into separate performances for the day of the show to avoid lengthy run times. Upon arrival they will be brought backstage for a chance to practice and speak to their teacher before their performance. Audience members will be seated and can enjoy food and drinks before the show begins. Once the show starts, each performer will come up one at a time for their chance to show off their skills on stage. It's an exhilarating experience for them that never fails to get them even more excited about their musical journey.

Start Performing Today!

Start Your Musical Journey!

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