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Introducing the Milestone Program

The Milestone Package introduces a brand new way to learn. Students will be excited to learn and earn prizes by accomplishing musical goals. Parents gain insight into every lesson and can track their child's progress easily with a weekly report card while also gaining access to a resource folder to help them practice. More incentives, more transparency and more fun! See more below.

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Working With Argyle Toys

We are so excited to announce that we will be working with Argyle Toys in Babylon to provide amazing rewards for our new Milestone Package! Students enrolled in the package will be able to earn anything from Atomic Needoh Toys to Full Hockey Sets and more!

The Milestone Package

What You Take Home

Each student enrolled in our Milestone Program will receive a binder to take home after each lesson. The binder includes their milestone sheets that shows them their goals, their prizes and a place to customize their binder how they like.

The Star System

Each time a student completes a goal they will earn points towards a star. Once they earn enough points they will gain a star and be able to move on to the next level of their program. Stars can be turned in for prizes that range from small toys to board games and other big prizes.

A Deep Look Into Each Lesson

This program isn't only for the student either. Parents will be able to see each goal that the student has accomplished during their lessons and gain a deep look into their child's curriculum. A notes section is included where teachers can go over each lesson and communicate directly with both of you.

Access to our resource folder

We know that helping your student practice at home can be difficult when you're not a musician yourself. Enrollment in the Milestone Program grants you access to our resource folder. Here you can find sheet music, guides and videos that show you how to practice what you've learned during the lesson. Feel free to search throughout the folder for all different techniques from an assortment of teachers found throughout our school.

Enroll Today!

The Milestone Package is available to every student who is on a monthly plan with us. Currently the program is limited to piano students but more instruments will be available soon. Give us a call to enroll in the Milestone Program today!

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