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Our plans are flexible for every learning situation. We are currently offering in person AND online lessons for all ages and instruments. For more information on our courses, rates and availability, feel free to contact us at 631-358-4123 or simply press that "Get Info" button below!



Momentum School Of Music provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. In every class, our teachers emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our special course offerings below.

Dan's Band

Looking for a jam session? Look no further! Our multi-talented musician Dan hosts band classes on Mondays performing songs of all different genres and even creating original music composed of many different instruments. Join for a collaborative experience available for all ages

(prior experience with your instrument is required)

Band classes available Monday

Casey's Doumbek Classes

The doumbek is one of many types of goblet shaped drums that originated in Egypt. It is a small, portable hand drum that is popular in different music worldwide. This doumbek class will bring you into another world with a group of drummers every Wednesday night.


7-8pm (beginners)/8-9pm (Advanced)

Piano for Singers


Students will start the session learning basic songs and evolve into playing classical masterpieces and hit pop singles in one sitting. Learn the ins and outs of the keyboard and gain an understanding of the instrument as well as the skills needed to play more difficult pieces while accompanying a vocalist, band or your own performances.

Call (631) 358-4123 for availability