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Summer Camps

Summer camps will start up the 11th of July and run through August 19th. Each day of the week will be dedicated to a specific theme shown below. Each class taken will be $72 for the first 3 hours and then an additional $27 for the last hour; however the final hour is free if you sign up at least a month before the class begins. Students who take a class more than once over the months will become more advanced each week.

Signups have begun, to reserve your class call today
at: 631-358-4123 or email us at:

Songwriting Summer Camp

Songwriting - Monday (10am-2pm)

In this special camp, students will analyze some of the greatest
compositions of the last 60 years in order to develop their own tunes.
They will learn about chord progressions, arrangements and other tricks of the trade. The final hour will be dedicated to applying what they have learned with the rest of the class.

Theme Songs and Sountracks Summer Camp

Theme Songs and Soundtracks - Tuesday (10am-2pm)

Dive into your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Anime and Video-Games with this exciting look into the music behind them. Students will share their interests with the class and learn how to apply their musical skills to the songs and soundtracks they already love hearing.

Modern Music Summer Camp

Modern Music - Wednesday (10am-2pm)

Learn all about your favorite modern hits in this comprehensive class. Students will learn musical tricks, progressions and more that make up today’s most popular music and how to apply that to their own instrument. The final hour will be dedicated to applying these new skills with the other members of the class.

Live Performance / Band Summer Camp

Live Performance / Band - Thursday (10am-2pm)

Who doesn’t love to see their favorite artists perform? In this class you will learn what it takes to perform on stage along with other musicians with examples taken from the best performers of our time. The final hour will be dedicated to performing along with the other class members in a band-like setting.

Rock Summer Camp

Rock - Friday (10am-2pm)

For those who like a more heavy approach to music. Enjoy the intricacies of classic and modern rock and learn the techniques necessary to replicate it at home!

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